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Welcome to My Wild Wellness
Coaching & Personal Training
Weekly Private & Group Classes 
Online & In-Person 
Events, Retreats & Workshops 

Utilising our joint experience and knowledge within Yoga, Movement, Physiology, Philosophy and Alternative Holistic Therapies. We work to empower every individuals connection to themselves and unavoidably amplify the wild and incredible journey of life.

Based in Bath, UK & Online. 

Thank you for checking out our website. We are Lana & Bex, and together we have formed Yoga and Wild Wellness through our individual experiences, passions and duo efforts. 

Drawing on a combinations of yoga, personal training, bodywork, alternative holistic therapies and much more, we are creating more and more offerings to bring together a community of Wild individuals hoping to connect deeper with themselves, their lives and ultimately find a journey of joy, love, empowerment and liberation. 

Yoga is a deep connection

Within our full body, not a simple selection

A way of being, thinking, moving and breathing 

Not for a moment, but within our entire being 


Each of us Wild at heart 

Navigating each day and how to start

Maybe quickly, or perhaps slowly 

Each step, a new verse within our unique story 


Wellness is our entire sphere

Much more than just our career 

Every aspect of what makes us who we are

The journey that brightens our individual star

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