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Are you looking for support, structure, accountability or specific sessions toward a personal fitness or wellbeing goal?

Lana is here and would love the opportunity to work with you.

Offering detailed and specific coaching for each individual, from a scientific and holistic perspective.

 Please see options below or book a '15min Initial Connect Call' 


Weekly Programming 

  • 3 month + commitment

  • Daily programming

  • Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Yoga etc... 

  • Access to training App 

  • WhatsApp messenger mon-fri

  • Discounted 121/private sessions 

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Monthly Review

  • Facebook community group 

  • Access to Y&WW goodies

Private sessions & weekly planning package

All 3 packages below aim to ensure Lana helps work with you to reach your goals in the most efficient, enjoyable and sustainable manner. Calling on all attributes of strength, endurance, anaerobic, bodywork, yoga and mobility to enhance your fitness journey. 

click here to see the 3 package options

Fitness Challenges / Goals

  • 30 day fitness challenge 

  • 60 day fitness commitment

  • couch to 5km plan 

  • 90 day overall fitness revamp

Plans are all pre written, however will be adapted with your specific needs taken into consideration. 

Included with each plan is: 

- Access to Training App

- 30min consultation call at start

- Check in throughout via watsapp

- Discounted 121/private sessions 

- and more....

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