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At Yoga and Wild Wellness we offer unique experiences and products that aim to empower and enhance individuals wellness journeys, through unique wild offerings.


Including: yoga practices, physical training, food nourishment, meditations, private 121 work, ecstatic dance, corporate packages, woman circles and group sessions.


In addition we offer workshops, retreats and online classes. And utilise a mixture of movement, meditation, sound therapy, food nourishment and discussions to aid in this journey of empowerment.

Lana & Bex

Founders of Yoga and Wild Wellness, Lana and Bex collided through a yoga studio door. Lana travelling back from New Zealand, walked into Bex's first yoga class at her new studio. Here their paths crossed and they have never looked back. Initially a friendship developed through Forrest Yoga, moving in a way that enhances Strength, Breath, Integrity and Spirit.

Through lock-down, the importance of yoga, movement, community and friendship was heightened. So much so that their friendship developed and Yoga and Wild Wellness was born.  Through their individual and collective experience, they have created a platform and a brand that creates and offers experiences to release the norms of society and delve into the connection of our deeper selves. 

Both Lana and Bex bring their experiences, knowledge and knowing to their offerings, but in a hugely playful and approachable manner, calling on life comparisons, energetic relationships and philosophy to connect body, mind, spirit and community in a conscious way. 


Move - Connect - Feel - Learn - Heal - Light Up - Inspire - Inquire - Expression

Movement has always been my way of expression. Being a sporty girl, teenager and adult, I have always moved for health, wellbeing and, often, for a goal. This lead me to complete my degree in Sport & Exercise. 


After years of working in the sports field, different office jobs and training a number of hours a week, my body burnt out (and my mind). In this burn out I discovered the gift of Yoga. Since then I have gained qualification in Vinyasa Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Adv. Yin Yoga, Bodywork, Yoga Nidra and continue to delve and amplify my knowledge in the yogic field.

In addition I am passionate about wellness, and looking at our lives from a whole and holistic perspective. Continuing with my study in nutrition, bodywork, TCM, yoga for athletes and Ecstatic Dance in 2023, I hope to continue to work with individuals in a private, group and facilitated setting.

I offer a number of modalities and work with other practitioners with the hope that I can empower individuals lives, journeys and enhance their abilities.


All within a safe and confidential environment.  

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Senses - Creative - Love - Shine - Passion - Union - Caring - Magic

A little bit about ‘ME’ -  my middle name is JOY and this is what I love to create!

I love moving on my mat, it makes me feel strong, connected, and calmer. And, this is what I want to share and why I do what I do. I found yoga when caring for my dad at the age of 21. It was 3am - and yoga came on the tele, with my nighty hanging off me (no yoga leggings), I took my first yoga class. Admittedly yoga turned up at the right time and I’ve never looked back.

Since then I’ve taken many trainings, mounting to over 500 hours, however I specialise in Forrest yoga and sound healing, on retreats, in workshops, in classes and through 121 sessions. A decade of teaching and I am still loving to share the wonders of yoga and continue to learn and develop myself. This dedication has led me too a journeying  into the study of:

  • TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine), which is weaved into my classes

  • Yoga for women and

  • I’ve embarked on a training to become a mental well-being coach.


Creativity and Joy directs my work, along with a deep knowledge of the human body, mind, and spirit, which allows me the ability, experience and confidents to hold space for all individuals as needed in any environment.  

I am constantly astounded by how yoga has an immediate ability to make us feel alive, energised and clear, through awakening the whole body with the breath and connection to our own bodies wisdom


I work from an intuitive perspective and I inspiration from seasonal elements and chakra energetic systems. Working with people is my passion and supporting each individual within their own journey is what I am here to do. 

Meet The Team

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Lana King

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Lana's sport and educational background, brought her to yoga to seek clarity and stillness in the mind. 


She believes healing starts with empowering our bodies, in a fun approachable, science based and organic manner.

Lana's goal is to hold nonjudgmental and safe space for ALL. Allowing you to express yourself and be free to be yourself, no matter what. 


Bex Bridgford

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Bex has spent her life transforming within and sharing her creative gifts within yoga and delicious chocolate making. 

With an arts degree and a wicked sense of humour, her teaching, creative energy and approach lights up a room and encourages you to empower your true self. 



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Our box of chocolates. Reminding us every day, that to live, is to be, right now. 

Playful, loving, smart and challenging. 

He is our Wild and Beautiful Dog. 

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