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Sparking Joy within our Heart Space

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

"The soul is here for it's own joy." (Rumi)

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Summer season is related to our Fire Element. And fire is the initial spark to all life. If we pause and take a look around, we can see flowers bursting with colour, animals galloping in the ripe fields, and birds chirping around us in the blue skies, we might be lucky enough to make a splash in some open water, it is also a time where we might entertain more social events, see friends, play with our families or loved ones, stoke a bbq or raw is a time of JOY. Within this, is also a need to take time to centre, to ground and relax. With so much opportunity to expend energy, we also need to pause and allow ourselves time to replenish, nourish and seek balance. Each of the elements in TCM has a corresponding yin and yang organ connected with it. The Fire element is connected to our Heart (the yin organ of Fire) and is the supreme monarch, and is attended to by three other organs associated with Fire: the Pericardium, the Small Intestine, and the Triple Heater. Staying Joyful through Summer - Seek balance between play and relaxation - Pause and focus on claiming exhalations in your breath - Engage your senses, be available to the myriad of colours, sounds, smells and abundance that is all around you - Walk barefoot in the grass and feel the earth greet your feet - Trust your intuition. Our hearts' intelligence and understanding are a deep part of our being - Encourage bitter foods in your diet - Drink plenty of fresh, pure water - Move. A healthy heart needs regular exercise and then time to recuperate

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