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'The Energies of Autumn - synching with them in our Yoga Practice'. 

Autumn is such a wondrous time of year, isn't it? In the Nothern hemisphere (which is a recent change for myself), we get to experience the beautiful colourings of tree leaves, the radiant sunsets, the change in temperature that suddenly makes the hot cuppa that much more special and then the falling of leaves, as they shed in preparation for Winter.


As we release the heat of summer and the yang energies it offers, we start to prepare for what lies ahead, the cooler winter days. Autumn brings it all, warmth from the sun, chills from the winter winds and nourishment from rainy days, it is a time of change. Autumn speaks to us about resting, retreating and reflection. So how do we invite the season of Autumn into our daily yogic practice?

In Ayurvedic traditions, we have three dosha's, and Autumn is held in the Vata dosha. This dosha encourages movement and elimination from our bodies, as it is connected to space and air qualities. Our state of mind is very much reflected by this dosha, as it is held hugely in the nervous system. In Autumn Vata is enhanced and to help maintain balance through the Autumn season, we can utilise certain foods, lifestyle choices and foods to offer a more natural balance for the Vata energies.

The main organs that are connected to Autumn are our lungs and large intestines. So even as the days get shorter and cooler, we still want to get ourselves up and keep ourselves moving (Vata energy loves to move).

YOUR YOGA We want to encourage our yoga practice to focus on breath awareness and drawing energy inwards. As we stabilise the energies that flow through us, we can calm the Vata energies, which can help to balance us. Breath is often a highlighted aspect to most yoga Asana classes or practices, with breath techniques utilised (Pranyama), encourage more balancing techniques, as this won't just bring calm to the body, but also to the airy and spacey Vata mind. An example of breath to utilise, would be Nadi Shodhana, Alternate Nostril Breath. Which helps to draw a balance between the masculine and feminine sides of the body, the different hemispheres of the brain and bring that needed sense of calm to our souls.

We will pop a little video on Instagram (@wildfoxcommunity) for Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Physical Practice (Asana Practice)

We want to stimulate the meridian lines of the Lung and Large Intestine tracts. Which we can do through a strong practice and equally through a yin style practice.

Some poses to try could be:

Triangle with Chest Opener

Warrior 2 with Eagle Arms

Lying Down Spinal Twist


We want to hold ourselves in a grounded space through Autumn, due to the ever-changing weather shifts and temperatures. So, it is a fantastic time to bring warmth into our bodies and reduce cooler foods (such as juice or raw foods). Perhaps you can start to incorporate soups, stews, stirfrys, curries or alike, that are easy to digest and warming for the body and soul.

Let us know how you incorporate the shift of season into your practice, your lifestyle or anywhere else.

Big love

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